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In the past years we have been rapidly developing our position in the European pig industry, with a focus on trading piglets and meat pigs in Central and Eastern Europe.

Hunland, a regular supplier of healthy piglets
Our most important aim is to supply you with piglets of excellent health. We carefully monitor the health status of our piglets, and we respect the highest standards in the industry when it comes to animal health. Our clients are informed in detail about the health status, feed strategy, housing and eventually medication the animals received in the past.
Besides delivering healthy animals to our clients, we put an emphasis on being able to supply them with a uniform and large number of piglets on a regular, weekly basis.

Hunland, a reliable supplier of high quality meat pigs
For many years we have been a reliable partner to our farmers in selling meat pigs all through Europe. Our customers highly value the fact that we can supply them time after time with the quality they expect. Our broad network of partners enables us to meet any kind of demand.

Livestock transportation
Being aware of the sensitivity of transporting livestock and respecting the highest welfare rules we transport our animals exclusively with our own staff and equipment and our modern fleet that meets the highest standard.

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