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18 september 2017

Invitation ANUGA 2017 Meat Exhibition

31 may 2017

Eyes on Animals workshop

Recently we have welcomed the animal-welfare organisation Eyes on Animals in our company again. As the best health situation of our livestock is animportant aspect within our entity, we are improving conditions on animal welfare continuously. For this reason we invited Eyes on Animals renewed and received a whole day of training especially for some of our truck drivers and also some employees of the office.

The workshop started with a theoretical part in which Lesley, the founder of the organization, educated us about the European policy and gave tips concerning the loading and transport of animals. The drivers have shared their experiences and beyond we discussed the possibilities to reach higher standards within livestock transport in the EU.

In the afternoon we checked out the practical improvements on our trailers (designed by our Italian supplier Pezzaioli.) Further we demonstrated a loading and unloading of some cattles to show the high standards of our working processes.

Through our steadily innovations we hope to contribute to a positive development of animal welfare in the whole European Union and over their borders beyond.

We would like to thank Eyes on Animals for the interested and educational day and are looking forward to a sustainable cooperation between our organizations in the future.