Hunland | Livestock

Exporting dairy cattle and heifers carrying young
Hunland specialises in importing and exporting livestock. We oversee the entire process, from animal selection and procurement to livestock transport. The cattle are mostly intended for dairy farms in importing countries.

The selection of livestock is one the most important aspects of our profession. Our experienced staff is able to promptly and skilfully select the best cattle. Selections are always based on specific requirements from clients; this could include estimated milk/meat production or the time around which the cattle will bear young.

All year round, we transport breeding heifers carrying young, widely-known dairy and meat cattle breeds to areas all over the world, including the Middle East, Russia and Asia. The cattle breeds Hunland mainly provides include Holstein-FriesianAberdeen AngusCharolaisLimousin and SimmentalerThe cattle mainly comes from the Netherlands, Germany, and the US: countries with a very good reputation when it comes to breeding livestock.