Hunland | Charolais

It is the most widespread beef cattle race in the world. It evolved in Central France around the towns of Nevers and Charolais as a triple use race. A selective breeding in the direction of beef cattle turned it into one of the most renown and most excellent race in the world. It can be fattened to a high final weight.

Its fur is typically yellowish buff helping its recognition even from a distance. Its head is relatively short and its front is wide. During the selection process bloodlines without horns were also developed. Its neck is short, strong, well musculated.

The trunk is deep and cylindrical with an enormous musculature. Its European version has shorter legs and more muscular while the American version is longer legged and slimmer.
The body weight of the cows is 700-800 Kg while that of the breeding bulls is 1200-1300 Kg. As a middle-late maturing race the heifers can be taken into the breeding programme at the age of 20-24 month of age.

Difficult birth used to be typical but nowadays with a consistent selection and pairing regime almost every breeding line have easy parturition nad the mothers take good care of their young. The mothers are tame and they can be handled easily. The corrected calf weight to 205 days is in the range of 240 Kg. The growth potential is outstanding the daily body weight gaining may reach 1600 grams as well.

The profitable final weight of the young bulls exceeds 600 Kg. Its meet forms are excellent; the slaughter yield is 65-67%. Along the thoroughbred breeding it is significant worldwide in crossbreeding programmes as a paternal line for final product crosses.

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