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Breeding Cattle
In the past few years the HUNLAND group has specialised within Europe but also beyond increasingly on the export of breeding animals. By now this type of export became one of our most important activities. We export the Holstein-Friesian pregnant heifers from Hungary, Holland, Germany and the United States. Lately, the demand has increased for beef cattle, especially for Aberdeen Angus, therefore, we are also expanding this branch of our business continuously. Beside Hungary our firm is one of the most relevant pregnant heifer exporter in Holland and Germany as well.

The Dutch dairy-cattle breeding is justifiably world renown. Dutch breeders exported pied landrace dairy breeding cattle already in the mid 18th Century to the United States as well. This stock was the basis of the overseas breeding programme.

The origin of the holstein friesian race is due to the continuous work and devotion of Dutch breeders. The profit oriented selection work based on the cattle families with an outstanding value as well as the high quality farming and breeding culture developed the holstein population into the dominant dairy race worldwide.

The Dutch breeding programmes were built upon scientific research and field experience alike. The selection pressure applied when picking the bull producer cows and breeding bull candidates serves the profit maximising of the dairy farmers working under the most different conditions.

Based on our experience reaching back to a number of years now it can be stated that milk production of Holstein-Friesian cattle, which makes the majority of our Dutch export, surpasses in certain destination countries already the Dutch mean production. This fact, which we are very proud of, indicates a professional breeding stock selection. A well-known advantage of Dutch breeding cattle is their high milk fat and milk protein content as well as a long production time, the stamina of the cows. The average lactation yield of the Dutch stock is close to 3.5 lactations, which makes it the leading stock of the world in this respect. Along with average body measurements and frame an excellent udder and foot structure characterise Dutch cattle. During the Dutch breeding programme this aspect is gaining increasing attention.

More than one hundred different types of information are available to the users on the heriting value of each progeny-checked breeding bull. Based on the information each breeder can realise their own breeding concept and improve their stock.

Our trade activity is carried out by Hunland Impex. One quarter of the entire pregnant heifer export of Holland is expedited by our enterprise. 

In Hungary a national cattle-breeding programme started in 1972 when selection of specialised dairy and beef races started. Breeding animals representing a high value were put in modern farms with a large population. During the programme some 21 000 full bred Holstein-Friesian breeding heifers arrived to the country mostly from the United States and Canada. At the same time a race transforming crossing of the ’magyartarka’ (Hungarian pied) race started, which used to be the predominant, dual-purpose race. In later years, breeding heifers arrived mostly from the Netherlands, Germany and France. The Hungarian Holstein-Friesian population is constantly open to the most valuable genetic stocks of the world. The import of embryos and insemination material secures the international competitiveness of the relatively small active population.

The average population of Hungarian dairy farms is high even at international standards with more than 350 cows. The animal health care situation is safe therefore there is a demand for Hungarian breeding heifers on the market of breeding stock. The area of Hungary is free of bovine spongiform encephalitis (BSE) or blue tongue disease. Hungarian breeding cattle produce at a high level, they are resistant and adapt easily. Breeding management and breeding control are similarly modern. The breeding associations and enterprises are members of every European and worldwide organisations.

Germany operates the largest production control and register system of Europe built upon ca. 2 million cows. The sale potential of its breeding stock is enormous. The breeding management operated at a Bundesland level is of very high quality. Breeding and marketing of the breeding stock of Holstein-Friesian cattle has been done continuously since 1968 by 17 breeding associations and 9 production management centres these days. Data storage and processing is conducted in one centre nationwide.

The German breeding stock is characterised by a frame and high production, they are very popular on the market of breeding stock. The German red mottled population is most likely one of the best red Holstein-Friesian stocks.

Our trade activity is carried out by Hunland GmbH.

The dairy cattle population of the United States of america with its 9.2 million cows is an inexhaustible source for breeding stock. The large farm milk production of the US is characterised by a high technical and breeding standard. The breeding stock fully satisfying even the highest needs is selected from a special farm capable to accommodate 80,000 animals. The animals are transported by ship.

If a special request arises we are in the position of exporting even breeding stock impregnated by sex specific material.

The American cattle delivered by our firm are unique because the large size stock consisting of young cattle are kept on open forage under natural conditions. Each individual is exposed, therefore, to the same homogeneous environmental conditions. Natural husbandry conditions and high genetic value produce offspring with excellent adaptability. Large population American shipments serve the basis for a profitable operation of the mega-farms nowadays so popular worldwide.

ur trade activity is carried out by Hunland USA

In order we can guarantee our customers the best quality livestock we keep every moment of the breeding heifer trade under continuous control. We buy the pregnant heifers directly from the breeders in Hungary, Holland and Germany as well. We take special care of their accommodation before transport and we supervise the loading and the transport to the customer.

Thus, HUNLAND exports breeding heifers along with the numerous European countries to the Middle East, Africa, Russia and Kazakhstan as well. There is no place too distant for us. We possess an excellent shipping unit and our own truck fleet. We have high practical experience in aerial and marine transport as well.

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