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After Sale Service, so we have mutual success!
Since animal husbandry is a high capital requirement sector and breeding stock is a valuable investment,HUNLAND put high emphasis on after-sale counselling. High-level dairy production and beef cattle breeding depends on not just the quality of the animal but on the husbandry conditions of production and farming. The advisors of our firm, who are well prepared and have a professional experience for a number of decades, will visit the farm of our customer partner.

They spend a few days in the farm to gain a real time experience in the local husbandry, alimentation, technological and personnel conditions. They carry out a detailed consultation with the local experts and write up a detailed report on their findings. Based on their experience they give advice about what is needed to optimise the production and to reach the maximum profit.

Counselling, at the request of the customer, may cover the following fields:

  • Appearance judgement and selection of breeding and slaughter animal.
  • Interpretation of genetic values and phenotypic parameters on the heritage data sheets. Planning of future pairings.
  • Organising of animal transport, technical supervision, handling the required administration.
  • Planning of animal farm houses and design of new buildings, modernisation of existing technologies
  • Special duties of quaranteening, feeding, observation and handling system in the quaranteen.
  • Supervision of the climatic conditions of the animal holding buildings, improvement of the comfort of the cattle.
  • Controlling the milking systems, proposals for modernisation.
  • Production of animal feed, conservation and storage.
  • Nutrition technology. Compilation of feed portions.
  • Prevention of metabolic problems around the parturition period.
  • Special reproduction biology activity after birth.
  • Raising calves and youngs.
  • Veterinary prevention and therapeutic care.
  • Special breeding issues.
  • Joining to the international breeding and market integration.
  • Organising farm practices.

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