Hunland | About us

Hunland imports and exports livestock and meat. The company was established in 1992 and has become one of the world’s biggest importer/exporters in cattle, pigs and sheep. Hunland operates all around the globe, with the Netherlands and Hungary as its foundation.

Making use of a worldwide network of support bases allows us to be a global and independent partner for buying and selling livestock and meat. Our staff is our most important business capital; they possess the wide knowledge and expertise our clients need the most.

Hunland also oversees the entire transport process: from selection to delivery to the final customer. In this, we of course take factors into account such as legislation, animal welfare, customs procedures and taxes.

We have our own export stables in which traded cattle is cared for by our staff and readied for transport. Hunland’s own vehicles guarantee smooth, high-quality logistics, in which animal welfare comes first.

From animal selection in the country of origin to good aftersales and follow-up care: Hunland offers a unique total solution. We can do so because of a broad service package and by closely working together with farmers, traders and other stakeholders.

With a close, international team of professional employees, we guarantee quality, service and commitment. For more information on Hunland and our services, click here to contact us.